What is Can-Bike?

In addition to instructors who organize courses in their communities, a variety of regional and local organizations deliver CAN-BIKE courses. These organizations, recognized as CAN-BIKE Delivery Agents, are crucial to the growth of CAN-BIKE. They provide a vital administration role, as well as the capability of making CAN-BIKE available to specific user groups or professions.

Delivery Agents facilitate delivery of CAN-BIKE by bringing clients, instructors and venues together, providing the promotion and administration essential to making courses available to the public. Delivery agents are responsible for ensuring that instructor and participant records are forwarded to their provincial bodies.

In many communities, an instructor serves as a delivery agent, performing all the administrative duties required to promote and run a course and certify participants. Elsewhere, especially in larger centres, municipal departments may be delivery agents, advertising courses, registering participants and hiring instructors. Provincial and territorial cycling associations may also be delivery agents, making the CAN-BIKE program available to their members or the public, while providing an administrative framework for instructors in the province. Here are a few examples of agencies involved in delivering CAN-BIKE:

cycling clubs
regional or community colleges
municipal parks and recreation departments
police services
EMS organizations
community associations
independent instructors
institutional instructors


What Services are provided when you purchase a course for your organization?

Full Day of cycling training consisting of class room instruction and real world instructor lead cycling on the road.

Chuck Glover provides everything for your group of students to learn about improving their cycling skills for your organization. Chuck will travel to your location to teach.

The only thing you or your students need to provide is one bicycle per student.

All students must also be wearing a helmet or they will not be able to attend the course.

Bicycle Helmet