Chuck GLOVER, after 40 years, 2 months and three weeks is now a retired from Policing. 28 1/2 years uniform service with the RCMP in Saskatchewan & British Columbia, then 11 1/2 years with Metro Vancouver Transit Police across the Metro Vancouver Region. I rode mountain bikes as a duty function and for special functions for both organizations. With the RCMP I rode in both Saskatchewan and BC. My cycling qualifications are indeed varied, former week-end warrior/racer of sprint distance triathlons. I commuted across the Greater Vancouver area, the longest distance was 25 kilometers one way from work location to home in Maple Ridge BC., (1996-2005). As part of the CAN-BIKE organization, a portion of Cycling CANADA (we’re the ones that don’t race), I am at the NATIONAL Examiner level, one of 6 in CANADA(2018). I teach CAN-BIKE cycling courses, to date 140 in total. I am also a League of American Bicycling Instructor, and have taught 11 TS101 courses here in CANADA. I’m a qualified Police Mountain Bike cycling Instructor with the RCMP and Transit Police, to teach Police officers. I’m a qualified Learning facilitator with the National Coaching Certification Program in the Let’s Ride, Community Cycling Basics, Ready to Race- Intro to Competition. Along with being a trainee Level one racing coach. I’m also a qualified rider with the International Police Mountain Bike Association and the Law Enforcement Bicycling Association. I’m also a qualified rider with the Cycling Savvy cycling organization.

On top of all that, with my extensive and varied Policing, including traffic, background along with my extensive cycling background I am now an accepted cycling expert at the Supreme Court of British Columbia and Queen’s Bench Court of Alberta.

I own two bikes, a Jamis Durango Sport off road bike, and a Nishiki Olympic Tri A road bike. I wear a BELL (MIPS) bike helmet (orange) with an Vis 360, Light & Motion lighting system attached to my helmet. I’m a very firm believer in bike helmets, and Hi-Viz reflective vests.

My Cycling experience is; 1994 – Calgary Police service mountain bike cycling course, 1998 – RCMP Police Mountain Bike Cycling course, 2003 – CAN-BIKE Cycling Instructor, 2005 – CAN-BIKE National Examiner, 2009 – Qualified Cycling Instructor Metro Vancouver Transit Police, 2010 – Qualified RCMP Cycling Instructor, 2013 – Member CAN-BIKE National Curriculum committee, 2014 – National Coaching Certification Program Learning Facilitator – Let’s Ride, Community Cycling Basics, Ready to Race- Intro to Competition, 2014- League of American Cyclists Traffic Skills 101 (TS101) course, Seattle Washington USA, 2014 – League of American Cyclists, cycling Instructor course, Instructor #4229, Seattle Washington USA, 2018 – qualified rider Cycling Savvy. I’m an accepted Cycling Expert at the Supreme Court of British Columbia and at Queen’s Bench Court of Alberta. I’m a member of CAN-BIKE CANADA . I formily held a UCI Instructor Coach licence in BC. Member IPMBA – International Police Mountain Bike Association, Member LEBA – Law Enforcement Bicycle Association, Member and Board Member British Columbia Cycling Coalition, Member HUB – Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition, Member Cascade Cycling Club – Seattle Washington USA.

Senior Cyclist & President Tri M Sports & Consulting Ltd, CAN-BIKE British Columbia

Bottom line … I love cycling, I love teaching cycling and passing along the safe cycling knowledge I have. I want to see others cycling safely.

Safe Ride Home.

Chuck Glover